Your entire family can ride, challenge and compete against each other with our ever-growing library of virtual cycling, heart rate training, studio cycling, and game content.

Our All-Access Membership covers 10 family members for only $34/month.

If you bundled all the great content that Capti offers on your own it would cost over $60/month. For example, a Zwift subscription is $15/month and requires a bike and smart trainer. Peloton is $39/month and gaming memberships start at $5/month.

Your All-Access membership includes 50 roads, 20,000+ feet of elevation, and 350+ miles of stunning graphics. A full suite of open gaming worlds with unlimited challenges and areas to explore. A new set of studio classes every week on your bike. And for home bike owners, unlimited access to the Studio SWEAT on Demand App for off-bike workouts.

One membership for the entire family.

With your membership, you can create up to 10 individual profiles so everyone in the household can access our vast content library of Virtual Roads, Games, and Studio classes.

Connect and achieve your goals.

Get motivated by advanced metrics. Challenge the ghosts of your past rides or the rides of your friends. Push yourself and other Members up the Leaderboard.

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